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Fossiliferous monuments residing on top mountainous forms: piercing a trail across the sky. A natural occurrence to interpolate with fictitious gods, an intimate and yet haphazardness trail interweaves the peaks reveal more contours and sudden drop to the sharp rocks breaking the shore and sea.

I consider my footsteps it induces me into the kinetic temptation, irresistible, though hopeless, fighting a desire to jump, a need to gain an understanding of that internal urge that goes angst against? all common sense and self-preservation.

A transgression of self is then followed by rejection and abandonment on the shores of a final void. Pride, gentleness, and violence mingle in the fleeting exchange of thoughts. The small concrete paths hug the contours of the rock monuments, the Valley of the Rocks, a human influence dotted around, but sparse in their visibility. A concrete path shows no footprints but is evidential of countless journeys. What is it that drives humans in their need to make such locations accessible, convenience? Is it the attraction to attaining wilderness, to transverse and explore, to see what lies around the next cliff? Or perhaps it is the desire to be in the thick of nothing, an escape from modernity.