Process 15 - Celestographs

A recreation of August Strindberg’s Celestograph process, completed over a period of a single year of a Celestographsfor each full moon. Within his period of experimental photographic work, Strindberg developed a process that enabled him to capture the night sky without the use of camera or lens, which he called, Celestographs. Unlike his painting or photograms which employed the active agency of his own physical exertion on the canvas, these images of the night sky were automatically constructed.

Piecing together information from various textual and anecdotal sources, and from many experimentations, I was able to replicate Strindberg’s process of creating a Celestograph. Whilst taking part in the Research in Action Residency, at the Sidney Nolan Trust in North Wales i created my frist celestogrpah. Each celestogrpahy captures each full moon for a period and year.