Dr. Laurie Reynolds is an artist and researcher who delves into the realm of camera and landscape, placing a strong emphasis on collaborative processes with the materials found within these environments.

Laurie's artistic practice revolves around exploring the indeterminacy formed through collaboration with non-human agency and creation within this space. By employing a practice-led process, engaging with the expanded field of photography, and actively involving the landscape itself, their work transcends traditional boundaries of medium and authorship. Photography serves as the initial entry point for exploration, but it is through the intervention of the landscape at various stages of the photographic process that collaborative pieces of art are formed. This approach allows the land to assert its own mark on the resulting images, becoming an active participant in the artistic dialogue.

In 2023, Laurie successfully completed their PhD titled "A Practice-Led Inquiry into Collaboration with Landscape within the Expanded Field of Photography." This innovative research integrates neurodivergent research writing and queer perspectives, collected in rhizomic methods to embody alternative ways of understanding and engaging with landscapes.

Notably, Laurie has recently focused on capturing the essence of post-industrial landscapes specific to Devon and Cornwall. These sites, such as cooper and iron mines, possess a rich history and evoke a sense of both awe and decay. By immersing themselves in these landscapes, Laurie captures the essence of their past and present, incorporating their unique characteristics into the collaborative works they create.

Through their innovative practice and interdisciplinary approach, Laurie offers a fresh perspective on the intersection of camera, landscape, and collaborative creation. Their work invites viewers to question preconceived notions, engaging with the profound relationship between humans and their environment. By embracing the inherent unpredictability of collaboration, Laurie opens up new avenues of exploration, celebrating the dynamism and interconnectedness of our world.

Dr Laurie Reynolds


Email: info@lauriereynolds.com

Web: www.lauriereynolds.com

Instagram: @drlauriereynolds