Process 13 - Steel

In my artistic endeavor, I have delved into the fascinating intersection of steel and photographic film, drawing inspiration from the industrial steel landscape of Manchester. I sought to create a profound connection between the materiality of steel and the medium of photography.

To bring this concept to life, I sourced steel from the captivating industrial landscapes of Manchester, symbolizing its rich history and significance in shaping the city. Within the artwork, I integrated photographic film between the steel sheets, forging a tangible and symbolic bond between the two elements. This integration serves as a metaphorical bridge between the strength and resilience of steel and the captured imagery within the film.

To further enhance the narrative, I developed a photographic developer using materials and water sourced exclusively from the same industrial landscape. This intentional choice immerses the artwork in the essence of Manchester, infusing the very fabric of the photographic process with the spirit and energy of the steel landscape.

Through this artistic exploration, I aim to illuminate the profound connections between materiality, place, and the transformative power of photography. By juxtaposing the industrial steel landscape with the delicate nature of photographic film, I invite viewers to contemplate the interplay between strength and vulnerability, history and transience, and the profound impact of human industry on the urban environment.