Process 6 - Dry Developer

During my pursuit of a Master's degree, a significant breakthrough emerged as I invented a unique dry-based developer. This innovative approach involved utilizing salt crystals as the foundation of the developer, allowing for a gradual and transformative development process over the course of several months.

The dry-based developer, crafted with a careful combination of traditional photographic chemicals and naturally occurring elements sourced from the surrounding landscape, held a captivating power. Through a subtle interplay of chemical reactions, the salt crystals delicately interacted with the film, bringing forth gradual and nuanced transformations.

This method not only showcased the inventive potential within the realm of photography, but also emphasized the inherent connection between art and the natural world. By incorporating elements sourced from the landscape, I sought to bridge the gap between artistic creation and the environment, creating an intimate and harmonious relationship.

The resulting images captured through this novel dry-based developer bear the marks of a process that unfolds slowly, unveiling layers of depth and evoking a sense of time and transformation. This artistic exploration blurs the boundaries between scientific experimentation and creative expression, inviting viewers to contemplate the interplay of materials, chemistry, and the inherent beauty found within the natural world.