Throughout My PhD I delivered academic papers describing outcomes as they arose. I did this not only to promulgate results but also to gain feedback from a critical audience. These included:

  • University of Plymouth’s Ecologies Postgraduate Research Event 2017, paper presenting early concepts and research ideas.
  • Manchester Metropolitan University’s Provoking Discourse, 2018, paper entitled ‘Land Matters: Encountering an Anorganic Landscape’, an early construct of Tectonics (The Virtual) plate.
  • Dublin Trinity College’s Art in the Anthropocene Conference 2019, paper entitled ‘Feeling through Landscape, an early prototype of Pahoehoe (Actualisation) Plate’.
  • University of Plymouth’s Arts Research Network water~ways symposium, 2021, paper entitled ‘Constructing an Unsubstantial Territory’.

In addition to, and alongside, the presentation of academic papers, I also exhibited practice outcomes from the inquiry, for example, within corresponding exhibitions for Manchester Metropolitan University’s Provoking Discourse, 2018, and University of Plymouth’s water~ways symposium 2021.

I also made exhibitions of practice in Exeter’s Underground Passages Gallery, 2018, at the Sidney Nolan Trust, 2018, and the Lumen: Cosmic Sublime Exhibition, 2019; at the Pie Factory, Margate, the Impermanence, 2017, and at the Art Hub Gallery, Creekside, London, 2017.

In addition, I co-organised and chaired sessions in University of Plymouth’s Arts Research Seminars for 2018/19 alongside fellow research student, Ryan Nolan.

Finally, I have an upcoming, untitled exhibition at The Box, Plymouth at the start of 2022, which I am also curating using my own practice and archive material.