Throughout my PhD journey and my ongoing career as a dedicated researcher, I have actively shared my research outcomes by delivering academic papers as they unfolded. The purpose behind this practice extended beyond disseminating results; it allowed me to invite critical feedback from an engaged audience. Notable events where I presented my work include:

  1. University of Plymouth’s Ecologies Postgraduate Research Event in 2017, where I presented a paper that introduced early concepts and research ideas.
  2. Manchester Metropolitan University’s Provoking Discourse in 2018, where I delivered a paper titled ‘Land Matters: Encountering an Anorganic Landscape,' which served as an initial exploration for the development of the Tectonics (The Virtual) plate.
  3. Dublin Trinity College’s Art in the Anthropocene Conference in 2019, where I presented a paper titled ‘Feeling through Landscape,' showcasing an early prototype of the Pahoehoe (Actualisation) Plate.
  4. University of Plymouth’s Arts Research Network water~ways symposium in 2021, where I presented a paper titled ‘Constructing an Unsubstantial Territory.'

In addition to sharing my research through academic papers, I had the opportunity to exhibit the practical outcomes of my inquiry. These exhibitions included Manchester Metropolitan University’s Provoking Discourse in 2018 and University of Plymouth’s water~ways symposium in 2021.

Moreover, I curated and showcased my artistic practice in various notable exhibitions. These include Exeter’s Underground Passages Gallery in 2018, the Sidney Nolan Trust in 2018, the Lumen: Cosmic Sublime Exhibition in 2019, the Pie Factory in Margate for Impermanence in 2017, and the Art Hub Gallery in Creekside, London in 2017.

In addition to my research and exhibition endeavors, I actively contributed to the academic community by co-organizing and chairing sessions in the University of Plymouth’s Arts Research Seminars for the 2018/19 academic year, collaborating closely with fellow research student Ryan Nolan.

Recently, I undertook the role of a curator for an upcoming exhibition titled "Where Am I?" at The Box in Plymouth, scheduled for the beginning of 2022. This exhibition explores themes of queer identity and utilizes my own practice and archive material, offering a thought-provoking exploration of these important subjects.