A selection of zines i have made.
I am part of Zine Collective: Physical Spaces - 
in addition a section my zines are archived in varrious collections, such as the Queer Zine Library and The Box - Plymouth

Witness Marks

Finding scratches or similar marking on each half of an assembly used to position or locate parts when instructions or a manual are not available.

Through repeated actions of our home environment, we leave marks. Like a book that has been passed through different hands, we leave traces of our actions, dog eared corners, unlined passages, notes in the margins, these marks give indications of the journey, ourselves, interests and actions. If we remove all our personal items from our homes, these witness marks still exist.  A personal archive of who used to live in that space, we can build a narrative from the marks left behind.

Printed on Risograph

Make Your Cake and Eat It Too

  A Vegan Cake Recipe Book Rasing money for LGBTQ+ Charity.

Printed on a Risograph